Henri Aruk├╝la

led saxophonist


Henri Aruk├╝la is an Estonian show saxophonist based on the DJ + saxophone concept. Henri has performed as a solo artist for the last seven years, before that he joined various bands and ensembles. In addition, Henri is known as the one and only led saxophonist in Estonia and the first in the Baltics. Henri's performance style includes playing the saxophone inside the crowd, coming off the stage and inviting the whole audience on the dance floor. The most important thing for Henri as a saxophonist is to play high-quality music that has been worked out before the event and, if necessary, adapted to the style of the party and the guests. Raise the sax for unforgettable parties!


Energetic well-known dance songs, led saxophonist with a DJ. The saxophone is on ÔÇ×fireÔÇť!


The show performance suits well in the evening or at night or in a darker room.


In addition to nightclubs and bars, the led saxophonist is suitable for corporate events, weddings, birthdays and other parties where you can dance.


Calm melodies on saxophone for background music and enjoyment. The chill-out music!


The lounge program includes jazz, house and lounge music that matches the style of the event.


The program is suitable for a wedding ceremony, gathering of people and open dance, but also for warm-up at corporate events, during terrace events etc.


Led saxophonist’s performance as a gift for a birthday child or vice versa for your guests.


You can surprise your loved one by calling the saxophone under the window or behind the door.


You can make a surprise in the form of a recording video and order a birthday child’s favourite song on the saxophone with a congratulations.


We were looking for an artist long time to fit in with our rather unusual concert venue - the Skywheel of Tallinn. We got a hint that there is one talented saxophonist who draws people from the first note!
And we were not disappointed! Henri is very talentive and positive. His sincerity and confidence on stage, mixed with charisma and, of course, great music, is a super combo.


Henri's passion for playing the saxophone is so big that it does not leave anyone cold. Henri can even go to the end of the world - he grabs his saxophone and the speaker and comes! This year we did so many extreme events together. For example, we turned the deep winter forest into a nightclub, where his led saxophone performance made all the guests dance! Henri is not discouraged by the -20 degree frost, and many people enjoyed his performance at this year's winter outdoor events!
Until next time ­čśë!

MERILY HEINMAAPulmakorraldaja

Henri not only plays the instrument well but has also acquired the art of finding contact with the people very well. Definitely the first choice we will contact if we need a show saxophonist!


Henri's saxophone performances are always evening nails in our nightclubs! The eye rests when seeing a public who is fascinated by the artist, and the foot immediately begins to feel the rhythm.
The LED light is ideal for a dark club room and gives a powerful effect.

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Smooth melodies for background

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